Video clips hard rejected. Why?

As a producer of doc-style videos, I have often wished for more stock footage clips that look less staged -more real …and less typically composed (ie. with the subject performing for the camera, perfectly centered up and locked off, etc.). So I thought this clip of a homeless man would be useful for anyone wanting to show real suffering around the world:

But it was rejected …along with almost all of my other submissions. The reason given is “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”. It was captured in 1080 60p with a fairly modern mirrorless camera (Sony A7s) that is excellent in low light.

In my opinion, it looks pretty grainy and out of focus.

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perhaps you are seeing Google Drive’s playback compression? The focus is sharp on his face.

Maybe Envato is looking for the work that you described when talking about already approved videos. And yours just doesn’t match that vibe… But there’s plenty of other stock marketplaces whitch might value your content more than the “regular Envato stock style” and so you might find better success elsewhere.

Anyways I liked your video :smiley:

I downloaded it and it does look slightly better, but it’s still not as sharp as I would expect from a premium stock video. The flickering lights also make it a little hard to look at, though I know that’s due to shutter speed.

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