Vatomium - sales monitor app

Hi there! Cant find Vatomium thread in new forums. That’s an amazing app, only one at the moment with sales notifications on IOS, but unfortunately it begins to crash last days. Sales notifications works properly, but when i want to cheek/refresh my statement it crashes. Does anybody who also use it have the same?

Yes, but there was a recent update that made it more stable. Have you updated the app recently?

Recent one is more stable but still crashes often

if devs interested, i can send crash reports

Thanks, it wasn’t updated, now after recent update all works fine for me (iphone 5c ios 8.4.1)

Anyway we can see developer here on new forums?

Hi there. This is pragmaticmates, author of Vatomium app. There was a change in the Envato API which caused crashing of our app. New update 1.6.3 with fix is already waiting for review. Thank you for your patience.

Great news @pragmaticmates

I will install again

I’m still enjoying this app, however, since the adding of Support on Envato Market, when I receive a notification for a sale, the price displayed is not correct because the support is not counted.

That will be fixed in the next update?

Keep up your great work guys!

i don’t think they can fix it sadly.

envato API has changed and they are splitting amount,
to sum up 2 things and sending as notification is an extra work

I agree, the envato API is more and more complex. Especially for the amount we receive.

Any update or info about the support price included in the notification system?


Nice app ! There’s an app like this in php? That I could install on my server and be open source. Thank you.

Hey guys!

Still using your app of course, I’ve the same question that I posted last year, are you planning to display the correct amount for sale?

Thanks a lot for any answers :wink:


you can hide “Author Fee” and “Included Support” from statement in the settings.