okEnvato - user-friendly application which allows to monitor the sales of your products



okEnvato is a user-friendly application which allows to monitor the sales of your products in easy and transparent way. This application supports all Envato services.

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Features already available:

  • It’s FREE
  • Push sales notifications
  • Number of products sold
  • Total account balance
  • Transparent chart of daily sales
  • Daily list of products sold that includes summary

Users of our applications have an option to report the following on that forum:

Thank you in advance for all suggestions! I am sure that all of them will help us to improve existing modules and add new functionalities that will suit your needs.

Some screenshots:



Wow looks awesome! Thank you for making this app! Will give it a try :+1:


I has some problems with my DB. Now should be everything OK. So if you try login to application and you have problems … please try again.


v1.1.1 Released! :slight_smile:
I have made some improvements and changes which will allow to implement more advanced statistics in the future.


Looks really great! :slightly_smiling: Are you planning on releasing it on android anytime?


good job ! i like the application design and abilities, i wish i could try it but i’m an android user.


@MadeMelodious @MbrEffects Thank you!

The Android version is currently being tested. It will be released within 2-3 weeks :slight_smile:


v1.1.2 Released! :slight_smile:


  • CHANGE: Notification of expired sessions

:information_source: I still planing to make a version for android. But at this moment I can’t determine when it will happen.


Hi, it looks great, but it keeps logging me out!


The app successfully sent me a notification but I can’t stay signed in on the app itself


Thank you for your feedback … I’ll check this.


You try login to this account: JonnyBoyleMusic ?


Yes, the name of the account is now jonnymakesjazz By the way I’m using iPhone 5


I’ve just got an email from envato ‘unusual sign in attempt prevented’


hmmm … can you give me your case study?

  1. You can login on your account in app?
  2. After success login, application logs you out?

I’m sorry, but I need more detailed informations.