okEnvato - new mobile application - research



I’m working on new mobile application (iOS and Android). There are two questions I wanted to ask you about.

  1. What version would you be more interested in: iOS or Android?
  2. What information would you like to have on the dashboard (right after you log in)?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.



I want windows App - with sales notification. :smile:


@Muse_Master Unfortunately on this moment I don’t planing to create Windows App … maybe after iOS and Android :smile:

I really need feedback from you guys! :slight_smile:

  1. Of course iOS.
  2. Today Sales ($, items count, table with items sold)


@dedalx Thank you! :slight_smile:


thx mate :slight_smile:


A world map with data of recent sales.
That’d be brilliant :blush:
Don’t know if that’s possible with the API.
but would be great


@JacobResch Thank you … we’ll see what we can do :smile:


iOS For sure… With the Authors Dashboard as the landing pages… And a drop down as we have now on the website…!


@kamleshyadav Thank you! :slight_smile:


Not dashboard related, but wanna push notifications :smile:


wait for android :sunglasses:
recent sales, comment, earning :relaxed:


I’d really appreciate an app where I can monitor more than one account. Android, comments, sale ka-ching sound in real time. Everything I need! :smile:


@Kopyov @ncuz @MikeBea Thank you very much!!

@Kopyov Yes, push notifications are very important to me. At this moment I don’t know if push notifications will be included in the first version of app. But I am definitely planning on including them in my app. :smile: