Vatomium no alert on new sale

I’ve been using Vatomium ever since it came out its a great app but recently I’ve had no alert on new sales for the last 3-4 days even though there are sales coming in.

Anybody experiencing this no sales alert?

Me too, no alerts since wednesday.

Same for me. No notification for new sales. Scary until I check the statements page :wink:

Because of that I’m using Eminer. I’m not affiliated, it’s just better. :wink:

Hi Olexandrlgnatov, what is Eminer? can you tell me more about it.

Thank you

It’s a great notification and also statistics app for Envato Marketplaces.

You can read more about it here

Thank you very much OlexandrIgnatov.

If you want to get push notifications through telegram app,
check this

Vatomium i miss you :frowning:

It’s seems Vatomium 's back in business. I received all missing sales notifications at the same time. For a moment I thought I had hit the jackpot!

Yes, same here…:joy:

Vatomium notifications should be operational since today. Enjoy.


Cheers! :smiley: