Vatomium sales app on a delay?

I always use Vatomium app because of their push notification but for the last month or two i have noticed a major delay in when i make a sale to when i get a push notification…sometimes even a full day. Anybody else? Thanks.

I don’t know… given the volumes of sales I have, I don’t need a push notification :slight_smile:
I just refresh my page a few times a day :slight_smile:

Yup been having this issue since September first. A delay of about a day for notifications. Also, the Earning tab ceased to function altogether.

I think it may have something to do with the API crash they announced recently. I have another app that’s been acting up as well, though not as bad.

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is it EV Elite? i got signed out today and cant sign back in for some reason

I confirm, Vatomium doesn’t work for a long time now

@aviators any input would be very appreciated.

I never use Vatomium, I use Ensales and had no problem it refresh in real time however I think it don’t have notifications just refresh by opening the app.

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I wish they’d fix things as I miss hearing the occasional ‘kerching’ noise from the Vatomium App when a sale comes through:)

I personally use Eden - Envato Sales Tracker and it works perfectly fine for me. The push notifications do their job as they should so you get notified instantly when someone purchases your item. Also the app design is really nice and clean so maybe you should give it a try :slight_smile:

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Just downloaded it and it looks really good


ahh… I would love to have so many sales that I need an app to notify me :slight_smile:

It’s not that I get many sales. But having an App to notify me when the odd one does comes through helps save me from obsessively checking! :blush:

oh yes, you are right, maybe then I should consider this… I have not many sales but yet I check waaay too many times a day!

Yes I have several apps to track sales and I noticed that the API has a problem. Anyone from envato support can help to fix api function.