Using builder for web design?

Hello! Can make a template using the builder:
Webflow, mobirise, bootstrap studio, wix and others?
And sell on Theme Forest?

If yes, what other good builders are there?

Thank you!

Wix - no, bootstrap studio - no, I don’t know the others but I doubt it.

There’s some categories for Weebly and a couple of other platforms but you can’t just use the generic features.

With respect it’s a marketplace for pros and authors need to know how to code.

Hi, @charlie4282

I understand when you say this about weezly, Muse and some other builders. But let’s be honest: for example, webflow is more of a layout service than a Builder. To work systematically in webflow, you need to know the code. In any case. And it generates quite readable and correct code. Moreover, it reduces the time to create a website for a developer in two, three or more times. And for example I will rebuild the site for wordpress and create the necessary options. Then answer, why this site can not be taken in the category of wordpress? If:

  • Theme has readable and good code (based on w3c)
  • Theme supports all plugins and has built-in.
  • All functions work and the theme has the necessary options.

The only word: Why?

Muse, webflow etc are ok and have their own categories - you just need to check if that exists for whatever you plan to use as some of these tools require subscriptions to use them and other produce some truly awful code/output


Now I’m talking about the wordpress category. I know how to work with code and webflow just helps to reduce development time.

Can my theme, originally created in webflow (I mean html) and rewritten in php for wordpress to be accepted on themeforest in the wordpress category?

A separate category for builders is a dead zone. You must be aware of that. There is 2-3 sales per year.

About dirty code you mean muse? And subscription, you mean webflow?

Let’s talk only about webflow and whether the site created in this program will be accepted in wordpress category (if I rewrite it in php)

I don’t have the experience in WP themes for here to be able to answer that for sure.

What I do know if that as a general rule starting from scratch and avoiding any shortcuts is usually the best solution. There is a reason (other than earning potential) that you don’t find the more experienced authors in the CMS categories outside WP etc.

Many big authors have their own frameworks but I know envato allow other ones like Unyson, underscores, options etc. which would be a sensible place to start.

@charlie4282 As strange (or even funny) as it may sound, webflow allows you to do much deeper things than known frameworks. And do not forget about saving development time. And I just can’t stop using it.

I’ve sent a request to Envato support. But knowing how long they can respond, I’m looking for alternative opinions. Thanks for the discussion

Maybe someone more experienced than me like @baileyherbert or @ThemeSLR would know.