Best WordPress theme builder ?

Hi Friends please guide me which wp theme builder is best ? Without WP coding knowledge drog and dropped easy wp theme builder. 1) elementor 2) visual composer or any other ?. I want to start WordPress themes design for themeforest.

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First it is depend on user who would like to use which one!
You can use visual composer is a best page builder and most selling drag & drop page builder.
my opinion you can use that hope will solved your issue.



Thank you

Free or premium whitch one is best ? And also 1 website licence,3 website licences, unlimited ? Whitch licence is best for my small business. 1 WordPress developer works for WordPress themes design. So 1 website licence is enough ?

If you want to use WP Bakery then read their T&Cs here

It’s the most used option out there but the right option should be determined by the theme, how it’s constructed and what the builder needs to be able to deliver.

This, Elementor, and even several others are all great plugins - it comes down to you as the author to look at the options and determine which is best based on what you are producing

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If you use any of plugin from codecanyon then you must have to purchase extended license for your themeforest uploaded items or hope you understand about WPBakery License issue.

It’s not only the composer to take in consideration when you create a theme for Themeforest, you must pass many requirements, take a look to it have all ready for Themeforest

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I checked this looking good and easy to develop wp themes. But i have a question for html to WP.
I downloaded your html version after fully customized your html css js pages can i convert html to WP theme using this composer ? How to import html template files to wp composer ? this option available ? after purchased Extend Licence can i upload to TF html and Wp Versions also ? Without any credit link without any “display a banner to the sale page”

Hi, the conversion from HTML to WordPress currently must be done manually. So you can not import the html pages and they will not been automatically converted to WordPress pages.

You need to manually create each page into WordPress and create the pages contents with Hybrid Composer.

The automatic part is that your design created for the HTML version (the skin.css file) can by copied into the WordPress version and, due the HTML of the frond-end of Hybrid Composer is the same, it will be automatically applied and will work with the WordPress version without further customization. So to create the WordPress version you “just” need to create the various page with Hybrid Composer and you’re done. I use this method to develop my themes.

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you!

Hi, sorry.
I want to ask something about how to install web themes.
what should I do if I sign a notification like this “The link you followed has expired.”?
Help me, Please…


We are using elementor and blox page builder for WordPress themes and sp page builder 3 developer version for joomla. And we include them in our theme.

Hi, Your WPTF Not Supported IE 11 & Bootstrap 4 ? I checked your themes not showing IE 11 and Also Showing Bootstrap 3.x ?

You are right it not Supported IE 11 & Bootstrap 4 . But about IE 11, do not be too worried. any themeforest theme of last year really support it.

Any Plan To Update IE11 & Bootstrap 4 ? Because many users asking IE 11 support. Buyers Checking Bootstrap 4. if possible to update you got more sales.

Hi, the latest version of WPTF is based on and so also on Bootstrap 4.
You may been interested also to the options panel only version:

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Hi, can I buy only “themekit” or both ? Thrmekit and WPTF ? Incase only themekit can I buy extend licence for TF based ?

You can buy only themekit options, in this case you have only the theme options panel.
Themekit and WPTF should not be used together so do not buy both.

Themekit Options Extended Licence is valid for including the plugin into your theme that you sell on Themeforest or other marketplaces :slight_smile: