Urgently need a refund! Subscription purchase mistake!

I want to subscribe for one month, but after purchasing it, I found that I had subscribed for one year. I am still a student, and I cannot afford to pay so much at once. The part-time job is not even afforded of this payment! I know this is the marketing method of the website! And there is no clear distinction between monthly payment and annual payment! I have seen multiple people calling for help on the forum. I am already looking for complaint agencies and legal aid if the customer service still does not reply!

For clarity - there is no way of subscribing without being made aware of what option is being chosen and what is going to be charged.

Envato have to pre-set the annual choice to be able to offer the discounted price they offer.

If you have contacted elements support then they will help ASAP.

It is advisable not to download anything in the meantime.

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Thanks for your explanations.

I am not targeting personally. What I want is for the company to respond to my due consumer rights.
I am looking for help in the forum. So I found that almost every week, there are “wrong” experiences similar to mine. Does this happen less frequently?
The above are just my doubts about guiding consumer design.

The most important is:

I know this company is Australian. I understand that under the Australian Consumer Law, when I buy products and services, they come with automatic guarantees that they will work and do what I asked for.

In consumer law, no matter whether I bought the product by mistake or not. It is my right as a consumer to request a refund.

I have sent the request. I am also waiting patiently. I will keep asking if there is still no response.

Today it is still no response, I will keep asking.