Subcription issue/Refund/ Misleading


I clicked on purchasing the plan for 14,5/month when it was actually a yearly plan. This is super misleading and not very honest. I have now been charged for 200 when all I wanted was to try the service for a month to see whether I was satistfied and then maybe change plans if I wanted to !!!

I cannot afford to pay that much because of this I cannot pay my rent this month and this is really a big issue for me. I love Envato but this is really putting me off, the message was really not clear why put “14/month” if it’s really not a monthly charge ?! Also I’m pretty sure this is not very legal in France (where I’m from), and regulations towards purchasing offers are really strict

How can I get a refund? I would like to get a refund of the 200 and change to a monthly plan !


Hi @albanegpl,

Please contact Elements Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to help about your concern.


I will thank you for your reply !!