Elements subscription refund

Hello, i dont know if im in the right place so please forgive me!
i subscribed like a week ago on envato elements first time ever, i thought it was a monthly subscription but it was a yearly one and i didn’t notice, so after 3 to 4 days i was shocked that my credit card is nearly empty, so i proceed to unsubscribe hopefully to get a refund, the thing is i did create an etsy shope and couldnt pay printing services on my first merch order and had to cancel, this was my best and worst day of this year yet, please if i can get refund as soon as posible it would mean the world to me!

My account email is akramfex@gmail.com

Thank you for reaching to me and reading this.


Take a look on this article for your subscription cancellation.

Or open a envato elements help ticket they would like to assist you.


Hello thank you for replying, i already did cancel my subscription, the thing is i dont know when im getting refunded, in the terms it said y still can use envato untill next renewal date " Between now and the date your subscription would have renewed " wich was 12 months from now, does that mean im scrued ? And what does this even mean " There will not be any pro-rata refunds " really confusing.
I did open a ticket and I’m waiting for a reply, but if u can briefly explain just litl if im getting refunded soon that would be much appreciated, thanks anyway.

I just ran into the same problem with a yearly subscription as yours. Were you able to get a proper refund?

As I can see, Envato Elements support is terrible. They don’t even answer their customers.
It has been 4 months and no answers on this topic yet

This isn’t a support forum. If you need help with refunds then you should contact Envato Elements Support.