Urgent request - stop allowing usage of music from Elements in mobile and PC games

Hi. There is a growing and alarming number of games where our music is used WITHOUT licenses from the market. That’s because Envato does not prohibit such usage. Our music is almost ripped off for pennies from Elements, placed namelessly, and all this could be avoided if Envato decided to NOT allow such types of usage. Such games are selling for money or have built-in monetization. A lot of money is involved. Developing such games also requires a lot of money. So why in this world is our music there almost for free? @BenLeong, I am asking you to communicate with the Envato team to discuss such usage. Envato loses money too. Additionally, there is a growing problem with Content ID claims when such game streams are placed on YouTube.


Yes, seen that too and it explains the massive drop in Mass Reproduction licenses. I hardly doubt something will be done to fix this. Quite the opposite, they are implementing that shady “Full License” thing that remains veiled to authors.

Is any Element author willing to do something drastical to protest? Nope. Then nothing will change.

Gotta go with the flow, even if its a drowning one.




Thanks for writing. It’s not a protest, rather it’s request. :wink:


Full License is the most shady type of selling our products. We do not know rules, limitations, allowed usage and so on.