About Elements License Coverage

Hi @KingDog and @BenLeong!

Some time ago I noticed that in Elements license terms the section referring to music coverage ends with something like “if you want to use an item for broadcast please contact us”, and recently in the forums a customer mentioned “Elements Full License”.

Is Envato providing any kind of special Elements extended license or do customers still need to get extended licenses from the markets in order to broadcast music tracks?


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Ben will undoubtedly know more but we’ve been pushing to get more Enterprise clients and I know they require more liability coverage which may make them open to expanded licencing. At an expanded price of course. It’s still early days so I don’t think there’s any firm or announceable details yet.


Thanks, man! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I noticed an extremely abrupt drop in my broadcast licenses and had the guts that something like that could be happening.

It’s pretty nasty news for us, the outcasts, so it would be great if you keep that info as open as possible with the community, and also let the Elements contributors know clearly that they are be eventually agreeing to let go their higher tier licenses only accessible from the markets so far.

I know we have no say at all, so this is just an expression of will and a call for empathy.

Thx again for coming back so quickly! :slightly_smiling_face:



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:slightly_smiling_face: Though it’s kind of the final nail of the coffin for the rest of us.

No big deal, though, it is what it is. Closing time.


I can’t agree. Regular amateur clients will shift to free AI generatet content provided by big streaming services like Meta or YouTube. It will be cheaper, easier and non-copyrighted. I am not saying that AI will replace composers. It will replace generic stocks. The high quality services will still use human. At least partially.

Envato may survive by:

  • making AJ/EE more “artistic”, less generic
  • focusing on high quality, uniqueness and genres diversity
  • promoting individual artists, not avatars
  • selling content to professionals instead of amateurs (especially that broadcast use will give us a HUGE performance and mechanical royalties, not mentioning exposition which can affect an increase of the CID royalties)