Elements Downloads Dashboard - Bad UX

I’ve pinned a comment thread to the top of my video about Envato Licensing: Envato Licensing: What you can do (and what not) - YouTube
(read the full conversation there, especially anyone from @Envato or Envato Elements should take note on this. I’d say this should be dealt with utmost priority, it literally turns off users thus damaging Envato AND Authors alike.

I’ve been going back and forth with Envato support over this issue. I’m a longtime subscriber to Envato Elements and have a large library of assets I’ve downloaded (as a subscriber) to “audition” and use as I create new content for my YT show. It seems from what I’ve read from you, that as long as it’s an episodic series with a max of 52 usages a year, I can rely on that single use license for music/SFX, etc. downloaded during my subscription. But Envato support is telling me there is no such thing as a single license for Envato music/stock video, etc. to use for a video series. Support says that to be properly licensed, I need to go to “my downloads” and re-license each asset EVERY time I include them in a new video in my ongoing series. Which would be fine if Envato actually allowed for a title search within the downloads page. But with over 1600 Envato assets over 68 pages, I’m forced to either spend massive time paging through those 68 pages to find each asset and re-license it (sometimes using 30-40 Envato assets in each new video), OR do a regular search for the name of the assets I’ve used and re-download them to get the new license. Either way, it’s a logistical nightmare and will make it virtually impossible to continue churning out content and license assets properly. I want other artists to be paid for sure! But Envato has made it a huge resource drain in terms of time or bandwidth/data downloads. Time to look to another vendor for assets and walk away from my longtime subscription to Envato? Or is Envato support just not understanding my question about using Envato assets downloaded during an Element subscription to be used for an ongoing episodic video series on Youtube? I’ll always follow the rules on licensing, but it seems to me that the time drain to find and re-license assets will be encouraging subscribers to not bother with re-licensing unless Youtube catches the copyright issue. And that is NOT good for the Envato contributors who deserve to be paid for their work.

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Won’t comment on anything else as I don’t care for Elements, and reading about subscribers downloading 1600 items is only reinforcing what I think of this monster. But indeed, there is no such thing as a series policy on Elements. It’s only a marketplace courtesy.

Well, if you don’t license the item, the author is not getting paid anyway, so…

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Thats not the point here. There are many authors who make more from Elements than from Market (Audio, Photo and Video mostly) and especially these are indirectly “suffering” from this very issue. It almost seems like Envato wants to make it as hard as possible to create licenses for profit reasons considering how the Elements sharing model works.

A simple search filter plus some other UI features could resolve that with little effort and result in much better revenue for authors.

So it becomes a littlebit less of a “monster” and more of a viable source of income for creatives.