Envato Elements Authors excessive posts

Hello, I wasn’t sure if anyone else was bothered by this issue (on a daily basis) but I feel that authors should not be able to upload 40+ pages of content that consist of the exact same content with minimal changes just to make sure they have every possible rendition of said content available to get more downloads. I’m losing my mind seeing 40 pages of flags or scrabble letters with different words or users reposting their old videos somehow as new for downloads, when as a user looking to see new releases we only get 50 pages to view. It’s ridiculous. Can we block these users if we dont want to see them? Or atleast somehow group their content into subfolders?

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What do you expect for 20$ month for thousands of items you can download?
The answer is Envato Marketplace ( GraphicRiver, etc ) You can find better works there