Limitation of approving items

The reason that i’m creating this topic is that because it’s been a few hours since my 2 items was approved for sale and they are on the 3 page. That’s nothing wrong with it but the main reason is that some of authors,rare authors, are publishing more than 10-15 items per day.And this thing it affect to us for bad, because your item gets more popular where is on the first pages than the other pages.I think that the Envato should set a limitation for approving item, for example 3 item per day per author. I think that this would be a great thing and will be very helpful for each of us, especially for new authors. I hope that this proposal be taken into consideration.


It sounds like communism to me :slight_smile: If someone can make more and better items why others should limit him? Its a fair competition. Everyone start from the same point. Bringing others down in order to bring yourself up is a bad thing imo…

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I’m pretty sure Communism would mean pooling together all the money from all sales and distributing it “equally” among all authors. This suggestion seems more like regulation, which does exist to prevent monopolies in capitalist economies.

That said, I find it unnecessary, except in certain rare cases (like one that occurred last year on Audiojungle) where an entire preexisting library uploads hundreds or thousands of items at once, thereby clogging up the review queue as well as dominating page exposure.

No no you misunderstanding me, I’m not trying to bring others down, but
what I’m trying to say is that everyone is free to upload how many items he wants,thousands of thousand, but Envato reviewers must set a limitations for those thousand of thousand items that are uploaded only by one author. Anyway this was only a suggestion and does not have to be considered. :slight_smile:

Yes this is a kind of regulation that should used only in rare cases when someone upload many items in the same time. :slight_smile: