Searching on Envato Elements is going downhill.

So far, I’ve loved my Elements membership. However, I’ve noticed searching for specific things is getting more difficult. It’s clear the authors are using keywords to describe their work. It’s also clear some language barriers may be getting in the way. What I expect when I search for “silhouette” in Graphics is not solely what I get when I enter the search, for example.

Unfortunately, items are coming up that don’t fit the criteria of the search. Part of it is because what I call a silhouette is apparently not the same as what some authors think. Or else they’re using every keyword they can think of, regardless of it’s fit. The bottom line: Searching for content takes too much time.

I’m debating on keeping my subscription because of this issue. I hope the authors get a list of what we search for, so they can create what they know we’re seeking. (If tracking only downloads, we’re going to get a bunch of redundant content.) It seems like searching on the internet, in general, is almost too convoluted to bother sometimes. Creators and sellers are more interested in “look at me, anyway” strategies.

Please tighten up the terminology used to describe content. Accuracy is crucial. If an authors content repeatedly shows up in unrelated searches, I’m going to write down their username so I can disregard their content for wasting my time. I hope Envato addresses this before my next billing period. My time is more valuable to me than an all-in-one smorgasbord of material I have to sift through.

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