Elements Filter Improvements?

I spend soooo much time sifting through designs on Elements and it’s driving me loco. This is coming from someone who typically loves the soothing process of searching for stock. But the main issue making me want to suck it up and head somewhere else is with the categories & filters (and maybe the overflow of outdated looking graphics on the platform). They aren’t specific enough for this site IMO.

For example, let’s say I’m looking for social media graphics. I click on Graphics, filter to Social, and yes there are plenty of gorgeous templates, but why logos and icons and whatever else? Are tags causing this?

I them click on Patterns and along with backgrounds, textures, etc., I’m greeted with bundles that just might have one or two patterns included.

And I don’t bother searching the graphics category by New anymore because I’m bombarded with endless pages of doodles, icons, and what looks like originally bundled packs being separately posted.

So tedious.

This may be my own issue as I like to check Elements every few days and put what I like into collections so they’re easier to find at a later time, but man it’s getting old. Especially compared to other top marketplaces.

And I’m totally not knocking on anyone’s designs, there are tons of wicked graphics on the platform (Graphic Templates seems the most organized), but there has to be a better way to find things right? I can’t be the only one who thinks this?

Has Envato thought of beefing up their filter options? Search by color? Style? Exclude criteria? Maybe there’s a search hack I don’t know about that someone can share? Honestly, I don’t have answers only concerns because I’m growing frustrated with the site, and have a headache after trying to find a certain graphic type.

Any thoughts, suggestions, help would be appreciated.


Thanks for this feedback! I’m definitely passing this on to the right teams to see what is in the works for improving search :smiley:

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