Can I go with the normal single user license?

I have got the following questions. It will be very helpful if someone can help me understand how the system works.

I am an independent Let’s say I purchase the Envato element subscription. Now, I download fonts, music, video template, and PSD files.

  1. Can I make an explainer or marketing video for my client using files from Envato (stock videos, fonts, music, video template, and PSD files)? The video will be uploaded to youtube and shared with multiple people for marketing.

Am I monetizing? Yes, I am charging my client and planning to use it on both my channel and my client’s youtube channels. (This is not some movie or something big)

  1. How does licensing work when I use more than one audio or multiple files in a video? It seems I am supposed to shout out (mention license code or the seller name of all the independent files I downloaded from Envato?) I believe I’ll get some copyright notification, and I am supposed to enter the license code. Right?

But what if I use multiple files? Will I get multiple notifications, and should I enter all the license codes? This happens inside the youtube dashboard. Right?

  1. The end output is not the same file but an amalgamation of all resources utilized to make a single video file. Can I sell this output file? (not the same file that is directly downloaded from Envato elements)

  2. What if I end my subscription in like 4 or 5 months? Will my youtube videos be blocked, or will I get a copyright notification/warnings? I will be free to use those files after the end of the subscription( example: video footage that was downloaded with a license four months ago, but I won’t have an active subscription)