Mulitple uses for a single track/video?

First time here. Sorry if this has been asked/answered recently: I’m looking for a subscription (Elements, I believe) that allows me to use a single music track and/or video clip over multiple projects. Does envato have such a subscription? Thanks!

Hello @goober75

Each end product (e.g. video) needs a separate license, it doesn’t matter if it is from Elements or from any other main market (e.g Audio Jungle)

The difference is that in Audio Jungle you need to purchase the file every time you want to use it in a different video, while in Elements, you only pay the subscription but you also need to register a license for every end product.

Thank you! One follow-up question: You write, “in Elements, you…need to register a license for every end product.” Is there a cost involved in this?

No, there is no additional cost besides the typical subscription :blush:

Thank you very much!

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Glad to have helped!