hi. I’d like to take some videos from Envato, edit them a little bit and put them in a Musikvideo. what do I have to write to license it? sth. like: “for music video project” or more specific (?) thx

Hello, if you plan to use videos from Envato in a music video project, you will need to purchase the appropriate license for each video you use.

It’s important to note that the license you purchase will have specific terms and conditions, so be sure to read them carefully before using the video in your project. If you have any questions or concerns about licensing, you can reach out to Envato support for further assistance.

What you write in the project name is less relevant - what matters is how and where you plan to publish and use the video and if you get the content from videohive or envato elements.

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ah ok. how much is it for 1 clip? and what did a pay 142 euros for in December for a subscription? I feel I’m paying twice. am I wrong? :slight_smile:

It’s really depends what clip you want to use and how, but it sounds like you have the envato elements subscription which means you can download the clips as many times as required to license them for different use without having to pay again.

ok. u’re helping me a lot. in my case I’d like to use Silhouette jung hat Spaß auf der Strandparty, Stockvideos - Envato Elements
how can I know how much it is? do I get a bill AFTER the release?

If you already have an active subscription then there’s no more charges.

You just need to make sure you download and license it correctly depending on how/where it’s going to be used

yes I got that. I’m still working on the video BUT I need to know how much it s gonna cost. how can I find that out? that’s really important

Do you have an active subscription?

If so you do not need to pay anything more (unless it’s going out in certain broadcast uses which might require a different copy from Videohive).

i do have one, yes. and I won’t sell the video. so I guess I gotta let u know the link of the video when it s on YouTube?

No need - if it’s just a video thats free to access on YouTube then there’s no more costs or need to share anything with envato.

Best bet is to check stuff like this with official support. Envato Market Help and Support

thx alt. u really helped here. bye