I want to ask about videos on envato.

I am a new member.
I am planning to develop a youtube channel.
I want to ask about videosWhen I subscribe to buy videos from envato.
Can I upload those videos to youtube and enable monetization?
How do I get a copyright warning?
If so, how do I respond?
How long are the videos on envato?
When I watched the preview, it was only 22 seconds.
Please just me thank you very much. on envato.

Dispute the claim explaining that you licensed the item from Elements
From 5 seconds to around 90 minutes, but the vast majority will be around 10 to 60 seconds, 10 to 30 being more likely. I.e. only 0.002% of them are over 5 minutes

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Thanks @SpaceStockFootage .
I see the notice board for $16.50/month.
If I choose this plan will I be limited to the videos I download?
If I don’t renew, will the previous videos I download be lost or subject to copyright claims?
Please just me thank you very much.

$16.50 a month is if you sign up for a year upfront, it’s around twice that if you subscribe month to month. You have to create any projects/videos while you have an active subscription, you cant stockpile them for later use.

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Thanks @SpaceStockFootage .
It’s great that I gradually understand better.

I will buy the first 1 year package is 200$.
Like year 2, it’s still $200 or will double.

And when the license expires, I no longer have the right to use the video, right?
Please just me thank you very much.