VideoHive on Envato Elements

I was browsing a ton of stock videos on Element Envato. I realized there is a sh** ton of videos with VideoHive watermark on them.

Are they part of your subscription to Elements Envato or do you have to pay for it extra aside from your subscription on Elements?

Thank you in advance.

When you download the video it will be without a watermark. Only the preview video has the watermark to prevent piracy.

Hello, thank you for your response.

Yes I understand that. What I mean is those videos are labelled VideoHive which is a different site. Is downloading videos with VideoHive watermark on them from Envato Elements part of the subscription?

Sorry to confuse you.
To be clear, I want to purchase a subscription on Envato Elements, but when I browsed on the stock video tabs, a lot of videos have VideoHive watermarks on them. I just want to make sure that those videos are downloadable when I subscribe to Elements.

Yes. The stock videos on Elements with the Videohive watermark are a part of the subscription.

Initially, the video is uploaded on Videohive for sale with a watermark and then the author decides to upload it to Elements. The videohive preview video with the watermark is automatically used as a preview video on Elements as well.

Thank you very much! I am about to place my subscription, is there anything else I need to know? Hidden fee or something? Because in the pricing tab it says Unlimited Download, so that means anything I see in the site I can potentially download or use, right? There’s no extra charges and whatnot.


yes you can download All available Items in Elements. and there is no hidden price. You have 2 options to subscribe 1. monthly (price is little high) 2. Annual (price about half as like 16.5/month mean 198/yr)

Just be noted Elements is separate than Envato Market (as like themeforest, codecanyon, graphicriver, videohive, audiojungle, photodune ) and not all the items on Envato Market are available on Elements.