Dozen illegal use of music from Elements. Envato, you need to do somthing

After placing more and more of my music into Content ID i found most common misuse of music, downloaded from Elements - Elements music placed in TV broadcast (for pennies). Dozen of cases, some of them ended with strikes, some as purchase of correct license. But the scale of this is horrifying. Envato lose money, we lose money. The market overflown with Elements advertising, but in reality this is HUGE hole where our music leaked and we lose money. @BenLeong - do Envato plan to CLEARLY place on every Elements music item that they are not allowed for broadcast? I think it needs to be in EVERY license files. I also suggest authors to place music in PRO and Content ID to monitor usage. Really sad situation that we are not protected and need to fight for our rights in person. Envato need fast service for reporting AND contacting such cheaters. Today Envato Help support is worst in terms of speed and quality.


Hello @LumenMedia

You can submit DMCA


I do. But most customers have no idea that Elements music do not allow broadcast usage. It’s simple few wods in license file with bold letters and most of problems will be solved at least when you try to identify type of license. It’s good for customers and good for us, sellers.



You can open ticket to envato elements help support team.


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It doesn’t matter what the buyer knows or realizes. Each product has a license issued with it. The buyer being too lazy to read the terms of the license is not a legal pass to get out of being liable for using the product the wrong way and beyond its licensing ability.

As a creator, you have rights to your creation and should seek to protect them well, past what Envato is doing or is willing to do.

In regards to music, I would submit my music as a collection every 6 months or when you have accumulated a decent number of songs to justify the cost of sending them off to be FORMALLY copyrighted.

In cases where your music is being broadcasted on TV, I’d suggest that you send the broadcasting company a legal letter explaining that they have used your music without your permission which is in violation of your copyright for that song. Work with them to ensure your rights aren’t violated in the future.

Just a little side note: If you think copyright issues are bad now, just wait until AI kicks in really good. I have no doubt in my mind that AI Created Music is going to leach off of real music as AI Art is doing with real art out on the internet. So get into the practice of not only protecting your creations but fighting for your rights.

Envato is a selling mechanism. To expect it to FULLY protect your rights is out of its scope as a content distributor/ seller.

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Thanks, very helpful

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No worries. I have come across your music a few times and I am a fan.

Much Success!


You know what’s funny (or not funny), if you find out they use your track for an ad. With a lawyer you can sue the brand or ad agency for a lot of money… So in a way: this is something you want… But I do get your point!

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