YouTubers Publishing Elements Licenses

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I’ve run across this many times.
Would this allow anyone who copies the info to use the music freely?
Or are there unique identifiers in the license information which will prevent this from occuring?
If not - - - Can something be done about this?

For example:


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Regardless of the fact that the license info should not be displayed publicly, this use is not allowed as per Envato’s terms. The music has to be used in an item that’s greater in scope. Here, the video is merely a support for your music and this is not permitted.

I’ll check into it with our team. They’re likely listing the license so they can show they purchased the license, but it’s not a great idea. Have you tried contacting the user yet?


Thanks for the reply.

I haven’t contacted the user personally but I’ll give that a shot.


Same here: Music of Angels + Oceans • Music to Heal All Pains of Body, Soul and Spirit #2 - YouTube

It’s my music track. I tried to contact them, but there is now answer. I sent a copyright strike, but this channel provide a EE lincese and than I’ve got this:

“We’re providing you with the counter notification and await evidence (in not more than 10 business days) that you’ve filed an action seeking a court order against the counter notifier to restrain the allegedly infringing activity. In most cases, such evidence would include a lawsuit against the uploader who filed the counter notification, which names the specific YouTube URL(s) at issue.”

After 10 days YouTube says:

We received a counter notification under Section 512(g) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in response to a complaint you filed with us. In accordance with U.S. law, we have reinstated the following URL(s) to YouTube:

  • The YouTube Team

This is their emal
If you check more different connected youtube channels, you will find a lot of videos like this. Also, please check the description. You will find the text: “all the videos and audios are originally made by Lucid Dreaming Music”. On another channels the same text, but other “owners of the music” but the same email to contact

So, it’s a combine of a lot of YouTube channels, that using different subscription services like EE to “create” unlimited “videos with the music relaxation for healing and meditation bla bla bla”



Thanks for sharing your personal experiences.

The situation sounds considerably more complicated and discouraging than I’d originally thought.


And it’s one of these situations. Most of them was successfully resolved, but with a lot of headache. But now it’s a madness

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