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Hi, I have been using Envato elements for three years, which I use for the videos I post on my channel that have monetization enabled. However, there are two things that are still not clear to me:

  1. When I download music from Envato, I don’t always find the license in my Downloads. When I upload the video, I am notified of Copyright infringement but I don’t have the option to send the license to the owner because I can’t find it on Envato.
    Do you know why?

  2. Is it possible that, for every video I upload, I am challenged on the music and each time I have to go and download the license from Envato and respond to the challenge???
    Is this correct?!!!

Thank you for any answer.Have a nice day Davide

Don’t know much about Elements interface, but there should indeed be a license generated each time you register the music to a project.

Please note that you are not notified of “copyright infringement”, but rather receive a copyright notice, that is merely stating there is copyrighted material in your video. Nothing accusatory there.

As for your second question, you are not “challenged” each time, but copyrighted material will generate a copyright notice every time it’s uploaded. That’s how YouTube set up their system. The license act as a key to lift those claims, but other than that Envato has no say in how Youtube deal with copyrighted material.

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Thank you for your response.

I post about one video a week and 95% of the time, when I download a song to use in my videos, I regularly find a notification of the downloaded song in the “My Downloads” section, with the option to download the corresponding license.

For some reason, this is not always the case.

There are cases when, even after downloading the song, I do not find the relevant id in the download or even the license.

I wanted to understand why so that I can send the license to youtube to remove the copyright notice that prevents me from monetizing the video.

Are you positive those 5% when you can’t find the license, you had not forgotten to register the downloaded track to a project?

If it’s something else, then maybe it’s worth contacting support to ask them what’s up.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.


When I download a song or any other content, I always record the associated project.

Do you know the tech support email address so I ask them?

Thank you for the support.

You can submit a ticket there :