No License code provided to release copyright claim on Youtube although the subscription is active

After downloading some of the audio items, the following warning pops up:

Using this track on YouTube? Download your license certificate

  • Why is this important?

This track is registered with YouTube Content ID. It means that automated bots are used to identify music tracks in order to prevent piracy.

  • What do I need to do?

You are covered by our license, so you don’t need to worry. If YouTube opens a copyright claim, you can use your license certificate to clear it up - so keep your certificate handy, just in case.

  • Where do I find it?

You can find it on the My Downloads page. Find out more about Content ID claims from YouTube. If you have any issues, contact us at our help centre.

But when I navigate to My Downloads, I can’t find these items. My subscription is active and after uploading these items on Youtube there are copyright claims showing up. Envato Support is not even reacting to my support issue. There is nothing I can do as a paying customer which is really unsatisfying.

The last post here is also non-relevant and the thread got closed:

I can’t understand, why as an active subscriber I have no access to the corresponding license code, although after downloading the items, the popup message refers to download the license under “My Downloads”. I need the licenses for copyright claims on Youtube.

Due to this help center post I should be able to download the license certificates under “My Downloads”:

Envato Elements support has sent me the license. Issue can be closed

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I am having the same issue. For example, this item is available for download, however, there is no license provided for it in my downloads area. Why are there items on the site if there’s no license being provided?

And here’s more:


You can download a license certificate at any time on the ‘My downloads’ page.

Again, they aren’t appearing in my downloads area. I can download the song, but there’s no license provided for the item in “My Downloads”. And this isn’t just for music items, graphics as well.

Strange. This is what I have in My Downloads. Does it not look like this?

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I have been a member of Envato Elements for over 2 yrs now. And a member of the other Envato site for 11 yrs now. I am quite familiar with your platforms. I just attempted to download these two songs today and their licenses are not appearing in my “My Downloads”.

Hmmm I’ll need to check on that one to see if the Elements team knows what’s going on

It’s possible the download didn’t register. Could you try to download it again?

Hello There,

I just downloaded them again and there’s still no license showing in my “My Downloads”.

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It’s like all the really good songs aren’t coming with a license once downloaded.

Here’s another I just came across today:

Thanks! I’ll continue my investigation.

Smiles … Thank You! Could it be that the author has requested for the items to be removed, but only the license was removed?

That may be possible. Also this may happen for users if they’ve already licensed a specific item to a specific project. A second, equivalent license can’t be created and at the moment it just silently fails. The license exists, but because it’s a previous license it may be buried on page 50 of their downloads etc.

HmMmM! Interesting as I have not downloaded the items previously and when I have, it still shows the other license with it’s effective licensing date.

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