Uploading own previews and thumbnail

English is a bit of a problem for me, so I apologize for the mistakes in advance. I make motion graphics. I got used to the old uploader and now it’s new. How can I upload my own video preview (with music background), own image preview, and own thumbnail with my main file? Is there some help for this new upload mode?
Thank you

Zip up the video file(s) and upload that instead of a .mov file then you’ll have options to add your own video and images.

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I try it but…

I have The same issue.

i used Filezila to upload zip file and i could set my own Thumbnail,Video preview and Image preview but its “SUBMIT CLIP” button is still deactivate.
It work only with .MOV or .MP4 files, in other hand for having thumbnail and preview video you must use zip file.

I hope one of admins help us ASAP.

What software do you guys use to create the zip? I have heard of problems when using 7zip. I use WinRAR and have no problems.

I used windows10 to compress the file

this is my upload page:point_down: maybe I fill one section wrong

My question regarding the software to zip was directed to the persons who are unable to upload zips.

I guess your problem is something different, but maybe that is related to the zip as well, I don’t know.

Only thing I would try:
If you add another tag, are you able to submit the item then?

I was bothered by this problem for a long time, and then found an interesting problem, also ZIP file, uploaded with win8.1 PC desktop, will show“File XXX.zip is not an accepted file type.” But when I upload with a Macbook or a Mac mini, it works perfectly.

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A week ago, I was so confused that I kept trying to upload and failed over and over again. After much trial and error, it succeeded. I hope I can help you with some of my experience.

If the project is just a single video file, you just upload.mov or.mp4 files. After uploading successfully, the page will be automatically previewed video and previewed images and thumbnails, you just need to fill in the video information form to submit.

If the project contains multiple video files (contains custom preview video), you need to prepare in advance preview video and preview images and thumbnails, the main video files compressed into. ZIP (confirmed. ZIP does not include the preview video and preview images and thumbnails), upload. ZIP file, after the success of the upload, preview pages automatically display additional upload video and preview images and thumbnails, like this picture as below. Then fill out the video information form and submit.

Btw,I have successfully submitted.ZIP files through Macbook, why Windows does not support upload .ZIP I do not understand.

I use Win 7 and I do zipp in the same way as hamed8000

I’m looking at the attached picture. Is this successfully uploaded zip which contains custom video preview, image preview and thumbnail or zip which contains only image preview and thumbnail? I have not seen such a look yet

My problem was caused by FF … maybe. I am able to upload (via Chrome) my main MOV plus ZIP includes an own video preview, own picture preview, and own thumbnail image. I’ve filled out the tags and I still waiting because on the page is “no clips ready”