I can't insert a video preview

I uploaded my stock zip file without any error, but when I try to upload video preview by selecting that zip file, it goes like 17mb out of 24mb and stop, I tried with dropbox option also it goes half and say ’ Failed While Uploading’, how could I upload my preview video, any other options?

Not sure that zip file works for previews.

For After Effects Templates, video preview must be an flv format file. Maybe it´s the same for your category.

Who told you that?

Read the link:

" Render or export the watermarked video in either MP4 or FLV format."
I just forgot the other MP4 format option. But those are the two accepted for After Effects Projects Files

Your link goes to Motion Graphic & Stock Footage category, and not to the After Effects category.
Any way, I was right. It’s written there: “MP4 or FLV” and not “FLV”(must be) as you wrote

For being a moderator you should be better informed. It goes for “Videohive Preview Videos” (general), read well please, not just Motion or Stock, And my intention was to give other option to @DPstudioo instead of a zip for video preview, which is not accepted, and FLV is one, I just didn´t mention MP4, is it a crime? So what I forgot is the other MUST (MP4) as you said, but if he/she makes a video preview in FLV the problem is solved. Could you forgive me for using MUST flv and not saying mp4 too?

I’m informed. And I read well. I know that we tolk about General Video Preview. Watermark doesn’t use for After Effects General Video Preview. I just tring to say that @DPstudioo has a choice, and he can use not only FLV. From my experience, I believe that the FLV format is inferior to MP4 format.
If you think that I wanted to offend you, then this is not so. Peace? :wink: :handshake:

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“watermarked” was just a word in that text line, I was pointing at “mp4 or flv”, the reason of this video preview file format issue. Any way, no problem. Peace :wink: :v:
I just hope all this conversation can be useful for @DPstudioo

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