Uploading Music Suggestion

Hi Fellow Songwriters,

I think it would be a great idea to submit music for review without all the tags, information and thumbnails until the music is actually approved for the market place.

It probably seems petty, but don’t you feel that it is time consuming designing artwork, finding tags, in addition to coming up with an original description?

This is especially true if your song is rejected (happened me twice now and counting). If your song is approved then fair enough, it’s time well spent. Otherwise… it’s time that would be better suited on something productive.

What are your thoughts on this suggestion? I personally feel that this would enhance an authors experience.

Big thanks to anyone that takes the time to read and respond, looks like a fantastic community.


I think the time spent putting the tags is actually nothing compared to the writing and production stage of your music… so it doesn’t really matters :slight_smile:

I must be crazy… I can’t stand it (:cry:).

Well it sure matters to me, because the production and creating music side of things is so much fun, the tagging…not so much.

It’s not just with AJ, but all music libraries do this. I feel I must be in the minority, if I had money to burn I would actually pay someone to do it. Unfortunately I don’t. :sob: