Some Suggestions To AudioJungle Upload Process [Improving Efficiency]

HI guys! I’m pretty sure there were a lot of suggestions to improving AudioJungle interface or uploading process, but I just want to share some of my thoughts and let’s see if anyone thinks the same way or is it just me :slight_smile:

You probably know I’m all about efficiency and how to use time effectively. That allows you to produce more or to have more free time. Working longer is not better, working efficient is better. I"ll just list a few things that I’d want to see improved in upload process that can save you a lot of time:

  1. When uploading, authors can already pre-choose ‘recommend other items’ box.
    It can look simple but when you’re dealing with a great amount of tracks that you upload then each little ‘time saver’ saves you a LOT of time improving efficiency. When my track is approved I then need to think that I need to go and change that little setting which I could choose already from the upload interface. And this also leads to #2, which is…

  2. Allow to put items in collections when uploading.
    Assuming that music track won’t be rejected why not to allow to put it already in a collections from upload interface? Once again, it can save you a lot of time because you do it all at once, and not going back every time to the item once a new once is approved for sale. If we already know which collection we wanna add it to why not to add it right when you’re uploading it? If it’s possible to implement technically I’m all for it.

  3. Allow authors to modify descriptions/tags while in review process
    (at least while it’s below 90% progress and reviewer hasn’t actually started reviewing it to avoid confusion. Why to do that? Because sometimes I could realize I made some stupid mistake (we all do) in a description and I really want to change that to save reviewer time, not to prolong review time. Otherwise it’ll be a soft reject because of that simple mistake and it results in more back and forth actions and efficiency drops. If it could’ve been handled in a first place reviewer will just approve it and everyone will be happy.

Well, here are just three points at the moment I wanted to present you today with. Please join the discussion and let me know if that’s something you can benefit from as well as me :slight_smile:


P.S. I’d really love if some guys from Envato will join the discussion. @scottwills @DomHennequin @matthewcoxy


1 and 2 would be really easy to implement and it would make more sense than the way it is now. I keep forgetting to add my tracks to my collections after it’s validated.

Though 3 would be cool, it would more complex to implement as it would require a new interface (and thus updated navigation) to access the uploaded items. I don’t think we’ll see this soon…

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Thanks for joining, that’s exactly the point. It takes a lot of ‘mental space’ to remember of all that ‘post approval’ work and fixes after your track went live.

I’m totally agree with all of your points! That would be great if we can set the collections before uploading because usually I forgot that too :smile:


+1 to everything. :+1:
I also wish we could set recommended tracks by tracks and not by collections and, as you mention, do so at the time of upload.
I also think it would be great to be able to upload track and versions one by one (no zip file) and have the watermark added automatically.


Very cool @OlexandrIgnatov !!! I would also advise , at the time when you make a description that would stood next like ( Envatitor ) Editor real-time when you made the description to see how it looks (looks like a photo , font , size , hyperlinks ) , it would be even more saved time . ( This is all during the boot track ) .

not to go on this page ! and immediately immediately and make )


+1 for that too. :slight_smile: [quote=“WildLion_Production, post:6, topic:72343”]
I would also advise , at the time when you make a description that would stood next like ( Envatitor ) Editor real-time when you made the description to see how it looks (looks like a photo , font , size , hyperlinks ) , it would be even more saved time . ( This is all during the boot track ) .

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Nice suggestions Olexandr, hope they’ll implement them

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Thanks for joining! :slight_smile: I hope for that too.

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Yes indeed, these would be cool features to be included.

And maybe another cool feature would be if “author team” members can have access to upload items as well.?


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Looks like a great and much needed feature too for people who work in teams! :slight_smile:

We are on the same wave. :surfer:
Fully support the 1 and 2 paragraph. Regarding 3 I do not know it looks difficult. But the first two I think not difficult to implementation but very convenient for authors!

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If uploaded items could be found under Hidden Items, as they are when they’re soft rejected, they could be edited from there. As soon as the item was in review this feature could be disabled by the reviewer.


@OlexandrIgnatov, really cool idea! :+1:

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Yes, probably so possible.

Good stuff! I’m with @PurpleFogSound, in that 1 and 2 seem easy to implement, whereas 3 is a good idea, but probably unlikely.

Thanks for bringing this into discussion!

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Great ideas here! +

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These could prove really helpful but for number 3, I think they assume that we have prepared the descriptions and tags for our said items to be submitted (proofread and edited) so they might or might not take in that suggestion but it would still be a handy feature.

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overall, I was happy with everything. But your ideas are really good. Not bad would still have the option to replace the genre (even after approval) - and then trust the editors are not allows to ask about changing the genre of reviewer.

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