Idea how to make review of Music Pack or Music Kit faster!


Hi everyone!
How are you today?)
I have one idea about uploading some stuff to audiojungle. I think it would interesting now, because of the unbelievable time for review.
For example: I have made track, but I want to use it on my Music Pack, or I want to make a Music Kit.
Waiting 1 month is not so pleasent and I upload my Music Pack (Kit) in1-2 days after but with no description about original item on audiojungle. In case of rejecting I just press ‘delete’ button and that is all. BUT! I can`t do this because I have to give a link with already approved item to audiojungle team.
So,I think, it would great to give us an oportunity to change the description during our tracks are queued for review. How do you think, guys?