Uploading Process... Time Out [BUG?]

Hey All,
I’m trying to upload a new Item to AudioJungle, nothing too big from my experience with AJ (main zip file 43MB).

After clicking the upload button to submit my item it says Processing… for around 15-20 minutes, and then I get this message about time out.

It doesn’t make any sense for me, so I tried without the tiny thumbnail (31KB)
but I get the same message again and again.

Is it something I’m doing wrong? Is it a bug? error on the system?
Can somebody please help me out here?

I must mention that when I enter my Dashboard, I can see that the item is Queued for Review so I’m guessing something is wrong but I had to ask just to be sure.

I didn’t get any message like “Upload Success” or anything like that, I just stayed in the same uploading page and the upload button is there waiting for clicking once again… but of course I wouldn’t just click it again and again since I saw my Item on the que list.

Sorry about my bad English and Thanks ahead! :slight_smile:


Same issue here but when we go back to our dashboard after a while our item is in the queue so don’t need to upload this item anymore it’s all normal, hope this bug will be resolve soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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