Opinions on the review process by AJ


Hi, I would not like to create various controversies but I think lately AJ has become too restrictive in accepting the composers’ music.
The demonstration is also given by the fact that it is enough to take a ride on the forum to see many posts by creators who wonder why their tracks are rejected.

Lately even a lot of my music has been rejected. They always use the same answer (at least in my case) to justify the refusal. It almost seems like an automatic reply or a simple copy and paste.

The same tracks were accepted without problems from competing stores.

A doubt therefore arises. Maybe non-exclusive authors receive less attention than exclusive ones?

Not to mention the slowness of the review process. 15 days on average are many. And even the manual application of the watermark should be turned into something automatic like in other stores.

I’d be curious to know who the music reviewers are on AJ. A page on the Envato website where they are presented would be appreciated and where the genre of music sought in a given period is also specified.

So in conclusion, in my opinion, AJ is going in a wrong direction and many authors in the future may abandon it.

In this post I would like to read the opinions of other authors regarding the selection of songs by AJ. A comment from the review team is also welcome.

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As an exclusive author I don’t believe that the submissions are handled differently. Of five tracks I recently submitted, three were rejected. And the standard answers were the same as they were three years ago.
However it is certainly true that the submissions are handled much stricter. Which makes it very difficult to estimate whether a track is going to be acceptet or not (at least from my point of view).

It’s frustrating, that’s for sure. The reason why I have not left AJ until now is because it seems that they are literally everywhere by now. They are just too big to be ignored.

Anyway, since I’m a bit lost myself, I follow the answers of the experienced and successful guys to the rejection issues that - you mentioned it - seem to increase. But at least some of them are quite helpful.
And I also try to find tutorials that go a little further than the ones I have found so far.
Maybe someone out there in the Jungle has a good hint?


The review process is fine, it works, quality of submissions is improving and feedback to authors regarding rejected tracks will be limited due to the queue and resources. It should be the authors who submit music to gauge the suitability of material and not blindly submit.


Each time my track gets rejected I put it aside for a couple of weeks and then when I get back to it I’m like: Blimey, what the heck I was thinking, the reviewers were right! I think they do a pretty good job actually. In 8 out of 10 cases I totally agree with their verdict.


You summed up my thoughts on the Audio Jungle review process! I totally agree with you, I am constantly rejected here (And I can understand why), but never in other market place.I realize that this is only the beginning for me, but I have the impression that other markets are trying to diversify and maybe they can see some potential. What audio jungle does not do if your music does not match the predetermined codes (no one here can deny that audio jungle music has a certain color, the style can be differentiated, the composition work too, but the color in general is very connoted). I have not yet tried to get into the codes for now, but with the number of authors who is growing, I do not see how to give visibility to your work without trying to differentiate yourself or find some different music genre, some thing more “experimental” or really “unique”. And the fact is that my niche music that I try to develop and work, to have a global progression in the work of composition and production, sells elsewhere. Surely not enough to have a decent living, but once again I’m just at the beginning of my adventure. To conclude it seems that other market place allow you to be totally new or beginner, and give you the right to try and in a sense they let you the opportunity to progress while increasing your chances of sales! The logic of some site is to let the marketplace decide what is good music or not! And finally it is the buyers who have the last word, whether you are accepted or not, it is more interesting and construtctive to try to understand why music does not sell than to simply receive a rejection email that does not confronts your work against the market!

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