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Hello everyone. I understand that this topic has been discussed many times, but still I would venture to discuss the issues that have arisen again. About 2 months ago there was a survey and I answered it criticizing the download limit and expressed some dissatisfaction with working for AJ. After this survey, I began to have hard refusals. The rejects fell like peas.I have not changed anything in the quality and direction in the genre of my tracks and they always passed the test, but after the last poll, they send me a refusal for all the tracks. Is it somehow connected with my not loyal reviews or maybe I was blacklisted? I can’t figure out what happened? Maybe I fell under the staff reduction program? Does AJ want to keep only elite authors?
I was put in jail? #freedom CHANDRSTUDIO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Would you mind to post a selection of your rejected work on Soundcloud and link them here? I understand you have your doubts and suspicions, but just for the sake of the fair play.

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I really do not think AJ “blacklists” authors. It may seem like that but the review policy is very transparent with no hidden agenda. The reviewers have to wade through many submissions on a daily basis and hearing some of the requests for rejection advice here on the forum, the quality that is being submitted is really poor.
No I am not suggesting at all that your items that are being recycled are poor as I have not heard them. A rejection could be because they are not commercially viable and will struggle to sell. This is a marketplace that sells licenses to buyers who need background music. Anything more then it would have to be a custom job.


I can also agree, that there are no connections between the survey answers and the item review results. In my survey I have clear expressed my satisfactions and dissatisfactions. And I did’t got a single rejection. It’s about the things, that @gballx said: there are several possible reasons for a rejection, mainly:

  • lack of sell chance
  • lack in mixing quality
  • lack in composition quality
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I would agree with you if all the tracks on AJ were really carefully selected perfectly and then they would all be commercially viable and absolutely everything would be sold. But this is not the case. There are a lot of low quality tracks on AJ, and besides, they are not for sale, although, according to your logic, they are tested and meet commercial requirements. Something different from your explanation

Be careful. I wrote that all my tracks were accepted without problems and I’m not a beginner, but in the last two months, all new ones have sharply deviated. The mixing quality and all other parameters are the same as the previous ones, but suddenly they do not correspond to the commercial profitability. This caused me a question and doubts.
I know exactly what answers they will write to me here. We AJ are right and honest, and you have no rights and so on …

topic closed

Without making too much of an issue, my “logic” as you suggest is contrary to what actually happens here on the market. Not everything sells on AJ, sure, I have many non-sellers however every item on AJ has met the approval criteria set out by Envato. I am sorry you have recently had rejections, I have too, but I am not a reviewer and so I do not know the reasons for your item rejections.

All i am saying is pure subjective. There is way too convolutive for its purpose. There are absolutly no objections regarding the production or your musical/arrangement skills.They are great.But there are too many elements fighting for their space . Not necessary mixing wise but perceptual wise. As i mentioned many times on this board. You need to tell a story, and create synergically build elements towards the final goal. Your track fits great into progressive funk jazz library, but i believe is a bit too much for AJ. Please note that i am not a reviewer, just my subjective point of view. Once again , good track.

I am not making claims to anyone. I shared my disappointment. Now, like a fortune-teller on the cards, I will guess what the manager will like. Hands of course drop … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@CHANDRSTUDIO I don’t need to be careful. I shared my rejection experience with you, after I did the same survey. The only ones, who know the real reasons for your rejections are the reviewers.
So, what do you want to hear from us? An agreement, that your tracks are really good (btw I like that shared track) and the reviewers were wrong? And if we do that, what will happen then? Rejected is rejected - you cannot change this afterwards.
All, what I can say is: I was criticizing Envato and did not receive a rejection. And it seems, that other authors made the same experience. So there’s no way to make a conclusion: “I had critics to Envato, now they reject my items.”

Thank you for your rating. For those who buy tracks on AJ, there should be a huge choice and only the buyer can decide whether he needs this track or not. After all, so 85% of the tracks on AJ are like two drops of water! Not tired of playing the same movie for 15 years? How can a reviewer manage a buyer’s decision? Once again I am convinced that everything depends on the mood of the reviewer, and not on the quality or other parameters of the track. It has nothing to do with commercial profitability.

Why respond so aggressively? There is no need to praise me, let alone change something. I understood everything perfectly and for a long time.

@CHANDRSTUDIO . I agree. But that is not quite our choice. Envato has it’s own niche. And , most probably, reviewers are following the directions from their direct supervisors. There are other libraries,though, who accept more complex tracks, and maybe those will be a better fit for you. Their decisions does not affect the buyers choice. Is the buyers who affect the market direction. There are statistics and reports regarding every item bought from the market or downloaded from the Elements. And these numbers are driving the market’s direction.

Okay, please explain: What should be the outcome of this discussion?

Two red apples, exactly the same size and quality. One is delicious and the other is not. Why ? … Is it clear now ?

Of course it does.

I think your messy flutes might have something to do with this particular rejection. If you put on a totally non-biased head and passively listened to a point that made you prick your ears up, it would be that, for me.

I wouldn’t be quick enough to suggest that one might end up on a black list (though AJ community feedback is not the most forthcoming or transparent in the world!). An unnoficial black list if you’ve been cutting and bitter… maybe, who knows - but I do think it would be naiive to assume all was fair and square at the top end on any ‘algorithm’ searchable money-making machine - and especially one with a curated passage way first step. If you look at any platform, there are the chosen ones, and then the rest. AJ doesn’t appear to be much different. That said, taking nothing away from any chosen ones - generally speaking the chosen ones are chosen for good reason.

Everything is correct. We have a tolerant community. I have no complaints, I was just thinking. I recently had an acute heart attack, maybe that’s why I had exacerbations. It’s okay, close the topic.

It’s a can off worms.