[SERIOUS] Problem with mp3 tags (our buyers suffer from it)

MP3 tags. Usually they are missing, and that’s a problem for our buyers. They are download preview files to test the music inside their projects, and then they cannot find it. We have to do something about it. I guess there are two options:

a) Convenient and cool one. I’m talking about an automatic system. It simply adds the necessary data into mp3 file right after track approval. Author, name of the track, and probably url of the track. This would be a great solution.

b) Annoying one, but solving a problem. Make mp3 tags a requirement for item approval. No mp3 data? Sof-rejected.

I support a variant a) of course. Envato just need to add some code once, and the problem will be solved forever. I’m not a coder, so I don’t know how is it complicated to make such a code, but it looks like the best option.

Here’s one of our buyers who suffer from this issue.

So guys, what to do? We must help our buyers!


I always have tags in my mp3s, preview and inside the zip. But the issue is there, as not every author is aware of this.

I think there’s another (might be also technically simpler) approach to “a)”. Our preview files already get renamed automatically, so at least they should be renamed into %author user name% - %item title%_preview.mp3


Huge +1 to that. Thanks for sharing with us, AudioTrend. Now that Soundizer is allegedly down, it’s especially important to make sure our tracks are identified.


Yes Good Point AudioTrend it would be as simple as letting previews files been author and title named


@AurusAudio Thanks for support James :slight_smile:

@DoubleLion @Octopusic Yes, agree with you guys, this would also solve the problem :slight_smile:

+1 , it would really help buyers to find the right track in this huge library :smile:

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what about the approved items ? It is almost impossible to edit all the fiels again

+1 From me! This needs to be fixed. Thanks for bringing it up!

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Thanks for pointing this out. Very important to address this!


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I don’t understand why they rename the preview tracks? I put the necessary info in the file name so they can find the track “RockItPro-Epic-Preview.mp3” but then they just change it to preview.mp3.

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+1 Great idea! Best wishes, MotionAudio!

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Me too, I have never understood why they change the file name in the first place… And a +1 for a solution to what seems like an easy thing to fix, or?

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Don’t understand what is the issue here.

Last time (week ago) for my new video (described here) I downloaded many of previews to test and choose and all of them have unique Audiojungle ID of the item in the file name together with author name and track title. So when I selected what I needed I just put these IDs into Audiojungle search box, one click and I have right item found and ready for purchase. :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Hello guys!
It is a great topic, I think without soundizer authors and buyers must have a search tool or just a simple and easy way to find previews they have downloaded before
Big thumbs up for @AudioTrend to make such suggestment for AudioJungle Team!!!
Hope he will be heard and ID Tags will be required for everyone!

@AndrVlad can you tell more about the mysterious AudioJungle search box for audio ID, I haven’t seen it here before :grinning:

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Hi fortepianoman,

Sure. I just come to your profile, open first of your track and not click download preview but did right mouse button click “Save link as” (Chrome) over Download button and it proposed to save as 14434975_fortepianoman_romantic.mp3.
Here it is just put this number 14434975 into the search box and that is it your track is found.

P.S. They probably need to do is to default such function to the download button to further simplify.

Best Regards,


Hi @AndrVlad!

Thank you for the reply!
Every time an average buyer downloads a preview, he just clicks a button “download preview” with the left mouse button and it saves as “preview.mp3”

All that needs changing is just the name of the preview, that should be automatically made for every item, as it was said above :smile:


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This also needs to happen for photodune, it’s much harder than it should be to find and purchase a file that has been downloaded as a “preview”. There should be an item id or something in the file name.

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It was not a issue for me since I don’t usually use default download but I agree it will help everybody.

And by the way I just checked Videohive where I am mostly from and they have this feature implemented, “download preview” store preview videos as ItemID.mp4
So they just need to port same feature from VideoHive to AudioJungle.

Best Regards,



That’s great!
Hope such this feature will be ported soon here at the AudioJungle and there will be no more missing sales :grinning:

Dmitry aka fortepianoman

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Nice find Andrey! “Save link as” works great.

Looks like the only problem is that buyers don’t know about this ability. But they were not instructed, right?

@dtbaker Agree, something should be definitely done about Photodune as well!

Message to the Envato:

please, fix this small, yet important issue with “Download Preview” button. Downloaded file should be named properly (just like when we use “save link as” feature). This would solve the problem and make life easier for buyers and authors!

@KingDog @collis @scottwills I’m asking you to take a look at this thread :slight_smile:

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