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Hi there

I am a producer / designer / editor that uses all sorts of Envato files. I love the service.

I would like to make a suggestion to the envato systems team. I often download several preview tracks from audio jungle to place in cuts and see what works best. Unfortunately when you download the files are all named “Preview” It would be great if the file name was reflective of the audio clip name itself so going back to find it for purchase was simple.

Just a suggestion to improve an already great service.



I completely agree ! I always send a preview with name format like this “file name preview” but… :unamused:


You can also Tag the MP3 with relevation information, artwork etc… I do this now for all my future releases so inspite of the defaut filename, users who download the mp3 can see tag info about composer/artist, name of the tracks, artwork and link to a collection or profile on aj


Yeah, thats an issue.
But you can add some ID3 tags in your MP3 files including preview track, so your potentional buyer can find you after downloading your watermarked tune.
I hope it helps.

Good luck!


Yes, of course ! Mp3 tags is necessary but it works only when you play track.


Completely agree with that. I don’t understand why if the author uploads the preview track with a name, when the customer download the track, it downloads with the name “preview”?!?!? The ID thing is a good idea and I think will do that in the future, but as @Grivanov said that just works when you play the track.


i think it’s totally right to make some ID tags in preview file as a lot of users can’t find a link to item. So that’s why i add ID3 tags to my own.


This is an age-old discussion and it’s about time devs do something about it. For example naming the preview tracks by the item ID.


Hi husong,

Definitely a great idea, and as others have said a popular request and something on our radar.

In the meantime if you’re using Chrome this is a great extension that will rename the downloads for you:



Great this is very helpful at least for Chrome!


I add ID tags as well,


Actually if you “Right Click on your mouse” and choose “Save Link As” you’ll get the full name and the ID of the file. Remains the fact that clicking on a button is the better solution but this is the alternative you need previews.


This is hopelessly broken. All of this stock music has forgettable names, so if i download a preview and forget to name it, or right click and save as, then the name is GONE. And then I can’t find it anymore. So i have to waste time digging in browser history etc… or searching by length. One more time and I swear I will NEVER buy a track from this site again.


It’s almost fascinating that Envato haven’t fixed this yet. Or that it is broken in the first place.


+1 @husong I’m facing the same pb at least once a week :wink:


This really does need sorting. @ADG3studios would you speak to the devs please and see if you could help?