Hello everyone.
This is ridiculous but even my wife noticed it.
We watched youtube, different channels from different countries and we noticed - PEOPLE
THINK that “Audiojungle” voicetag is a part of track! It’s funny but that’s it! Especially people who have big problems with english language, but they have a lot of subscribers.
So these people don’t buy tracks for video, they use preview.

I propose to change the voicetag, make it louder, maybe more compression and automatically. Or even rerecord it.

I know that possibly it’s uncomfortable for rivalry with other audiostocks, but attempt is not a torture.

Thank you.


I have always thought it should say “Audiojungle Preview” to make it more clear what it is there for. It may not convince everybody but would definitely make most people think. I have heard other libraries do this.


Sounds like a great idea!


Watermark: “Unlicensed Content by Audiogungle dot net” :innocent:

if you want to have it louder… just make it louder… this is one of the rare positive points of having to add it yourself: you decide how loud and clear you want it!

But I agree, a “preview” word would be nice!

I have noticed it too on a few occasions. As a YouTuber who regularly pays for audio licensing, this disgusts me. I would like to report them but, without knowing who the author of the audio track is, I have no idea how. I’m glad the authors here are at least aware of it now.

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It’s not bad, trouble I found on YouTube how to remove the sign.