New Music Author - Would Appreciate a Critique!

Hello AJ community!

I am still relatively new using AJ in supplementing my business - I have had an open account since last May but have only recently had a chance to really get active with it. My primary goal is more or less using AJ to generate a little passive income with Sound Effects. I have a large library already and having interns do some minor editing, file prep and uploads has been perfect.

I do have a background in music production but it’s more of my partner’s thing. We’ve made a new goal to do a little royalty free music, mostly just for fun but also because we always strive for new ways to challenge ourselves.

The reason I’m posting now is we have one of our first tracks that we want to prepare for review. I’ve read up a lot on these forums and listened to a lot of what’s in AJ’s library, so I have some idea of what may or may not do well. I see a lot of posts in regards to rejections and asking for critique so I thought being my first track I’d give the community a listen first and see if you wouldn’t mind helping us out a little with some feedback.

I’ve taken note on the popularity and potential saturation of the “Corporate” genre so we decided to try out doing a hip hop track first:

Thank you in advance for any insights, we’re still learning but hope to be able to contribute to AJ’s community in a meaningful way!

  • Chase