Need your feedback on my new track on AudioJungle

Hello, guys. I’m new to AudioJungle and recently made my first upload here. Need a few words about this new instrumental track for song in rap or rap-rock. What d’you thing, is it good or bad?)


I enjoyed this a lot, has the track been approved already or is it still pending? If it’s pending I would love to see an update on if it gets accepted or rejected because I haven’t seen this type of music on AJ much. The composition itself is very well done but I do wonder if you’ll find the right audience for it here. The only critiques I have are that the transitions such as the one at 50 seconds break the flow of the track a bit and while they may work well for the specific purpose you envisioned tracks on AJ tend to do a lot better the more versatile they are and that style of transition brings down the number of commercial applications this could otherwise have at least in my opinion. The other note I would make is that it could stand to have a proper intro/outro. As it is the track begins and ends very suddenly and it winds up sounding a bit harsh and less smooth. I hope this helps!

Thanx for your review. Yes, it’s pending. Track was meant to be an instrumental base for song in rap or rock, so vocal party would make it’s own points of “beginning” and “ending”. Song starts from its first words, and music in the beginning becomes an introduction. AJ is extremely popular now and has all types of audience - including rappers.

I am aware that AJ can be popular with rappers (I am also one) I just meant that from what I’ve seen a lot of tracks that are designed only to be instrumentals for vocals are less likely to be approved than ones that have a wider variety of applications. The approval system here is very strict in sometimes odd ways and doesn’t always make sense, to the point where best sellers on other similar platforms get denied because whoever is reviewing it doesn’t think it will have enough demand for whatever reason. I could very well be wrong though and I certainly hope it gets approved, particularly since I haven’t seen a lot of this style of music in the forum and I would love to know if it’s viable for the review system. As for my note with the beginning and end, personally if I were doing vocals for this track I would like there to be some kind of milder beat for me to say my intro/outro over as opposed to just silence but as with anything presented in the forum that’s only my opinion.

By the way, this track has been approved on two other similar platforms - I sent it to 3 sites, including AJ.

As I said, there are a lot of tracks that are approved and even bestsellers on very similar sited that get rejected on AJ. I’m just speaking from experience of what I’ve seen get approved and rejected on this platform specifically. It was only meant to be helpful information since you said you were new here and it certainly wasn’t meant to offend you, anyone who’s been here for a while would agree that sometimes the review process here doesn’t make sense to a lot of us and it seems to have a unique criteria that isn’t made public. However as always this is only my opinion born from personal experience with this platform compared to other platforms, you came onto the forum asking for feedback and you got my honest feedback.

Ok. I see that basically you like my track. I had your feedback and I still need all feedbacks that I can reach to _)