Are these tracks ready for AJ?

Hi All!

This forum gives me tons of information about AudioJungle and composing music in general, so thanks for that! :slight_smile:

I make electronic music for a while and I am just starting to compose for royalty free libraries. I created three tracks and would like to know if these tracks are ready to submit, or they need some work. Really appreciate your feedback!

It contains two corporate motivational tracks and one happy guitar/ acoustic one.

I am originally an electronic dance producer so my drums are more in your face than other stuff on audiojungle, is it too much? :slight_smile:

Soundcloud playlist:




Song #1: 0:53 - peaks out of sync, all the way until about 1:07 (reason: you used a strumming type sound, so when you fade it back in, it starts becoming audible as out-of-sync random peaks before the strumming sound grows in body and amplitude as you fade it back in). Other than that, it sounds just right to my amateur ears.

Song #2: It’s a great sound. Maybe the finger clicks sound a bit “flat”? I don’t know how else to phrase what l mean. Like mono TR- snares (which l’m sure l heard in #1)

Song #3 - Do you mean “Romany”? Might help people that search for Romany. I think the lead line could have been pushed into the background by 0:52 by a superimposed new lead line, but that’s just me (my suggestion might overcomplicate the song & make it unusable actually). #3 is my favourite. Well done!

Thanx for detailed the feedback!

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