Friends Need Help and advice before submission!!!

Hello AJ friends! Here my new track i want to submit on AJ. Need your advice, help and criticism. What can be fixed and improve?

Thank you!


Hey there friend!

Really nice work, I enjoyed the track. Some of the guitar parts reminded me a bit of the band ‘American Football’ at times. Really cool sound.

Here are some criticisms I have:

  • Timing: There were some parts where instruments seemed to be a bit off tempo. You might be able to chop up the audio recordings in your DAW to fix some of these. Being a bit off tempo for regular “artistic” music can give it a realistic sort of sound some people like, but with stock music I think it is best to be as close to on-grid as possible.

  • Mixing: While listening on my headphones, there were some parts that sounded muddy to me. I would recommend using tools in your DAW to try to make things a bit more bright and crisp.

These are of course just my thoughts! Hopefully some other more experienced authors can also chime in as well.

Keep up the great work! Each new track helps us learn more and become better at making music. I don’t hear a lot of stock music sound with this sound, and I think it is really cool and unique!

Stay safe and well!

mix is very problematic. the snares - claps are too low, guitar is soooo loud. all I can hear is the guitar. try to make a good level balance so the listener can hear all sounds in his face

Oh friends thank you for help! i’ll try to remix track by your advices and place remixed track again on forum.


nice track! If you now pull the woolen blanket off my speakers, it sounds really cool. :sweat_smile:
What I mean is, I agree with BloomAudio. Missing some brightness and crisp. Try to work with an EQ and turn down the guitar level. And you need to improve the timing. Especially the part from 1:05.

I hope I could help a little bit. Good luck, dude! :v: