Looking for Criticism on an AudioJungle track I made...

Hi, my name is Clayton.
I’m new here, so my sincerest apologies if this is a noobish, bad, or unwarranted question here.
I decided to become an AudioJungle author and wanted some constructive criticism before I post my song. It doesn’t have a name yet, but I’d like to know if it should go okay in terms of passing the requirements in terms of overall mix quality, melody, and whatnot. If not, what do I need to fix exactly and what should I leave alone? I read the tips for authors but it doesn’t really help me out that much. It’s such basic info, IMHO. Lol.
I was told by many folks that a lot of my music would have a good market on here, and this certainly is not all I have.
I appreciate any helpful info that I can get. :wink:

Thank you,


My track

Anyone? I would appreciate any help I can get.

Hi. I’m also new here. I think it’s quite catchy and hopefully fit well here.
One thing I noticed, I can’t hear the bass clearly. Perhaps the Kick drums is overpowering the bass?

Thank you, mate. I truly appreciate it. :slightly_smiling: