Hi to everyone! I need some tips, hope someone can help me!

Hi to everyone. I will like to start to sell some of my music works in audiojungle. I tried to upload some tracks in audiojungle, but was not accepted. I will like if someone can help me with some tips. Thank you so much to everyone!

Here is the track:

Good morning!

Great chords!

A few things, the drums sound very distant, I would back off the reverb on them. Also put an envelope on the closed hi hat to shorten/smarten it up, or choose a different sound. The mix on the drums is pretty trebly too. Also try adding some gating or rhythmic filtering to the pad to create some motion, and bring out a lead to give the track a theme.

Oh, and there is a typo on the track name. :wink:

Good luck!

  • Nathan

Thank you so much! I’ll try to follow your tips! Really thanks!