Track analysis

Hi guys, what do you think about my track. is it ready for audiojungle? thank you a lot for any advice.

Not bad, but the track takes too long to build, you need to get to the point quicker.

Here is what you should do imho:

a) definitely take out the bars between 0:17 and 0:33.

b) also, cut out the bars between 1:12 and 1:28.

c) let something ring, at least a cymbal, better cymbal plus guitar chord, at the end.

Good luck!

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I will do it. Thank you very much!

In general, a good track in my opinion.
-I would shorten the time to the part that starts at 0:33
-It seems to me that there is no basic melody in the beginning. Perhaps the melody might be a variation of the guitar theme, which sounds at 0:49.
-The piano from 1:05 seems not quite appropriate (at least with such a melody)
I think that the balance of loudness for music on the audio jungle should be a little different: the drums here are unfortunately not always the main tool, so they should not be in the foreground. The main emphasis on the melody / hook, which is just not there.
All this is purely my personal opinion. Cheers!

thanks a lot!