Any advice or tips before I submit this track please?

Hey gang

This is my 6th attempt at an Audio Jungle track - all of my previous ones have been rejected!

Before I submit (and inevitably get rejected again) I thought I’d ask for some critiques.
Any advice from you AudioJungle veterans?


Here you go:

  • kick sample can be better
  • melodies louder
  • snare drum louder
  • lack of climax

All the best!


I will add: Snare and the percussion should be read better in the mix, now everything is as in a fog. See top tracks! Good luck!

Nice one, thanks both! I will implement your suggestions. I think the track needs a lot more work now that I’ve had a listen with fresh ears and heard some more bestsellers. Mixing, especially in this genre, is still a complete mystery to me.

Hi there! At 1:06 some rythmical problems with kick (offbeat) Listen to it and solve this before uploading… I think high melody sounds good. Hat must be louder. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice Turpak, though I don’t know what you mean about the kick timing? Do you mean it’s not quantized properly or it’s just incorrectly placed? I must be going deaf…

Yes , this is what i mean. ) Actually, listen to your mix without this single kick and decide should you use it or not.

Ah ok I see. Yeah the section doesn’t need it really.