I need some help please...

Hello all !

I had a rough week last week with 5, yes 5 rejections from Audio Jungle.

I thought it would be savvy to check with fellow musicians who have more success than I do here before I submit any more.

Please could you take time to listen to the two tracks here and make comments to help me progress with Audio Jungle.

I would like any musical feedback, but also some direction in which genre to submit, tags and that sort of thing. Also each track is roughly 2 minutes, should I include 60 and 30 second versions too?

Many many thanks in advance.

Hi, I like the ideas, I think the bass is weak on stomp rock 2, but with a little mixing and “power”, it could work very well! I am also new so…maybe I am wrong!

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Hello! Thanks for your time. Any ideas about genre? Thanks.

I just started “seriously” so I’m not very familiar with The categories but I think it should be into something like sports background, once you make the bass drum and the bass guitar “glue” better to give the track power. I don’t recall which track it is but there is something made by the great composers in AJ which should guide you bettera than my suggestions. Some guys are really amazing in mixing and composing, and it’s not just the tools they have, it’s their knowledge of instrumentation and roles of the frequency on the tracks.

Thanks. Yeah, the “competition” is amazing! I sell loads on other libraries, here I’ve had 6 out of 7 rejected! Thanks again and good luck with yours.