Rejected Audio Jungle Item - Seeking Feedback


Hey guys. I was wondering if I could get some fresh ears on this track that was rejected. Since audio jungle refuses to provide any constructive or meaningful feedback.

What do you guys think? :

Thanks for your time.

  • the intro is confused.
  • mix and master better.
  • i understand the idea but it is too muddle and needs more work.

there is probably a sound , maybe the piano, is clipping. in 0:41 - 0:42, I would make the other sounds a bit brighter, or the drums duller and fit more in the mix, now they feel a bit separated. The distortion could be the case of this. since its great track! listen with headphones, I would add also a transition before the drums come in


Ah, I hear it now. Funny I missed that before and I had a limiter on it so I’m not sure how it clipped like that.
What kind of transition would you have added before the drum entrance? A cymbal swell?


Its a personal taste, I would add something subtle to prepare it for the drums