Looking for some input before I submit

Hello everyone I have here a song I have been working on and would like to get some feedback on it before I submit it. My main concern for this track is how the overall mix sounds Im still trying to get the hang of mixing so I am not entirely confident in how it has come together so any sort of feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Before mixing check your bass, seems playing in a different song.

Glitch in the bassline around 0:59

Feels like it needs more backing to fatten the overall sound up - synth pad of some stripe would work.

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll try and come up with a different bass line

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll try and see if I can add a pad onto it. How do you usually do your pads? Do you just play chords on them or is it more like writing a countermelody? Also if I can ask what is a stripe? This is the first time I hear of that term.

I think this video tutorial will help you in many ways:

Good luck!

Need a better volume balance between instruments and better eq. The muted rhythmic guitar is too loud making it don’t blend well enough with the mix. The kick is too quiet (need more sub energy). The open hi hats are too loud.

Hello everyone I just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions with this song!
I have gone ahead and tried my best to implement some of the suggestions you guys have given me and created an updated version of this song.
If any of you guys are interested in hearing how it turned out here is a link:

I am going to go ahead and try my luck and see if this version gets approved if not then I will move on to a new song. If any of you guys have any more suggestions or advice I would greatly appreciate it! Again thank you all for your help!