Could use some feedback before I submit

Hey Creatives,
I have had several rejections over the past few weeks. I’m new to AJ and really want to get better at composing for stock music.

With that said I could really use some feedback on a track that I’m currently finishing up.

Thanks in advance.

hello ssdkmusic, :slight_smile:

I listened to your track and I am afraid it might get rejected, due to the following reasons:

  • The snap in the intro sounds a bit dry.
  • The chord stabs sound unEQ’d.
  • Kick needs work and percussion in general.
  • I am not sure if there’s bass, the track sounds too empty.
  • I can’t put my hand on a theme, it’s not really coherent.
  • The fx sound too harsh.
  • I would use sidechain compression on some of the elements (stabs and when you add your bassline)

I read again what you posted

I believe it’s still a work in progress? However, I would try to stick to a melodic structure (chord progression + bassline + a lead on top) and try to match up with some of the already accepted items on AJ.

Keep working and practicing. :wink:

@RedLeafMusic Thanks for the feedback. At first, it was tough to hear. But I’m here to learn so thanks for taking the time out to help. :+1:t5:

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Updated track.

@RedLeafMusic how about now.

I could also use any other feedback, I’m really trying to get it right.

Hey, listening now for a few times and I can see the effort and progress.
I still got some feedback:

  • The cymbal sounds way too harsh along with the other FX (at 0:56)
  • The bass pops way too much and masks the kick.
  • The new clap sound at 1:03 sounds out of place and comes suddenly.
  • The kick and bass sound very weak due to the masking from other elements, there is still low and low mid frequencies from other elements in the mix.
  • The transition at 0:37 sounds too sudden, I would introduce a riser here or a reversed cymbal.

On a personal level I would not sweat it too much with this track, I do not mean to discourage you at all and I am sorry if it sounds like it but I would work on as many tracks as possible and make sure every one of them sounds better than the one before. Keep on comparing my work with the reference tracks until it sounds close. And the most important thing is to listen and listen a lot to understand the structure, quality and melodic content of the music you want to do.

Read, look up tutorials on Youtube, check a couple of instagram pages like: @beat_spot, @mixing_tips or @cosmicacademy

Give it your best and as long as you are determined you will get there. Believe me :slight_smile: